It’s not just what you do, but how you do it—it's a truism that's never been truer. A seemingly endless stream of high-profile scandals involving corruption, fraud, safeguarding failures, organised incompetence and regulatory inadequacy have eroded the public's patience with business, finance, government and even sports organisations to breaking point. Put simply, it’s no longer enough to say you’re doing clean business. You have to be able to prove it. 

Use words like ‘compliance’ and ‘governance’ and most people will have glazed over by the second syllable but for organisations of any kind, doing demonstrably clean business has never mattered more. It’s essential that our business, finance, government and public service structures operate in the way they’re supposed to: where we can all be confident that what’s supposed to happen happens, and what’s not supposed to happen does not happen; that the people who make up the organisations which we rely on carry out their business in a demonstrably open, responsible and accountable way.

This is no moral crusade. This matters because, as we’re seeing all around us, when things go wrong the implications are often significant, not just for people but also for the economy, social prosperity and for the environment we inhabit.

OSACO Partners are a global network of specialists in compliance, governance, safeguarding and anti-corruption. The unifying factor at the heart of all of our work is what we call HUMAN RISK FACTORS—put simply, what can go wrong in organisations when people go wrong because, after all, we are all fallible.

We bring an extensive tool kit of experience, expertise and good practice for doing clean business, working with organisations of all kinds—commercial, finance, government, public service and sports—helping them to respond effectively to unacceptable staff behaviour when it does happen, but better still anticipate it in advance; to get on the front foot and develop a proactive strategy for managing the risks posed to any organisation by human fallibility.


  • anti-corruption measures
  • anti-financial crime measures
  • capability development: training & resourcing
  • anti-corruption programmes & implementation


  • ISO 19600 (compliance) & 37001 (anti-bribery)
  • compliance gaps analysis & reporting
  • training & mentoring

regulation & oversight

  • support resources to regulation & oversight bodies
  • workplace investigations
  • advisory services
  • organisational review
  • resilience measures





DO NO HARM. We believe that the laws of unintended consequences should be central in the minds of all organisations regardless of their purpose or business

IT’S MOSTLY PREDICTABLE. We believe that the vast majority of human wrong-doing within organisations, or perpetrated against them, is predictable and can be greatly reduced through good foresight, planning, control and monitoring

WE HAVE TO DO BETTER. We believe that the costs of human integrity failures within organisations are not just financial; they cause massive reputation damage and very often incalculable human suffering and misery

WE CAN DO BETTER. We believe that with the right commitment from leaders and stakeholders, organisations can develop their capacity for anticipating and handling human fallibility

WRONG QUESTION. We believe that it’s not a matter of ‘can we afford to address these problems?’ but ‘can we afford NOT to?’

SYSTEMS ALONE WON’T CUT IT. We believe that administrative and technical measures alone (procedures, policies, contracts, channels, hotlines etc.) are insufficient for tackling human fallibility and are no replacement for inspired cultural change, personal supervision, coaching and pastoral care.

A DUTY OF CARE. We believe that organisations have a responsibility to ensure staff are adequately equipped to deal with the exposures, pressures and temptations inherent in their working environment

WE HAVE A PROBLEM, SO LET’S ADMIT IT. We believe that any organisation employing significant numbers of people has, is or will experience damaging staff misconduct, whether or not it is acknowledged and addressed

BE TRANSPARENT. We believe that we have to address the cultures and mindsets of resistance—stigmas, fears and self-preservation—that stop misconduct being reported transparently upwards and addressed in all directions

IT PAYS TO PAY FOR RISK UP FRONT. We believe that failing to address risk in advance, and then clearing up the mess afterwards, is far more painful—in monetary terms and often in human cost

WE CAN’T LOSE FAITH. We believe that a loss of faith in our institutions, structures, accountability and justice is a highly corrosive and damaging force in society; we have to win back trust in good process, step by step